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At Angels in Blue we want to make it part of our mission to recognize and honor Law Enforcement Officers who go above and beyond the call of duty. Our mission is to foster relationships between Law Enforcement and our communities and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. 


Here are just a few, among hundreds across the country, of LEO's who go above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in their community outside of the usual responsibilities of protect and serve and keeping the peace and safety of citizens. These exemplary Law Enforcement officers do not receive nearly enough of the attention they deserve. Thank you for all you do!

If you know of any Law Enforcement Officers you would like to nominate to be included in our Angels in Blue hall of fame please contact us.

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Officer Damon Cole is a full time police officer who has made it his mission to bring a little joy and laughter into sick children's lives. He dresses up in super hero costumes and uses his spare time and his own money to visit as many children as his can. The police department does not pay him to do this and he uses his own vacation time to visit children.

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Tarrant, Alabama - Instead of arresting this Helen Johnson for shoplifting a packet of eggs because she couldn't afford to feed her family, this Angel in Blue Officer William Stacy not only purchased the eggs for her, but later turned up at door with two truckloads of groceries.

Atlanta, Georgia - Ebony Rhodes and her four children were homeless and living in her car. After a police stop Atlanta Police department arrested Ebony for a suspended license and no insurance and Ebony's car was impounded. When Deputy Police Chief Jeff Glazier heard about her circumstance he created a GoFundMe page for Ebony and her kids, which helped find them a safe home and paid for ongoing medical bills for her chemotherapy. 

City of Rome, NY - Bobby a homeless man who had been living on the streets of NY for a while received a special treat one day after speaking with Officer Aaron Page. Bobby explained all he wanted was nice shower and a shave. Officer Page, with the help of other officers, Sargent Frank Fragapane, Jeff Buckley and George Gebo invited him back to the police station and gave Bobby a much needed needed haircut and a place to take the hot shower he desperately wanted. The officers also rounded up a bag of clean, donated clothing including shoes to replace Bobby's worn-out outfit. Bobby left looking and feeling like a new man, having Aaron Page's amazing kindness and generosity to thank.

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North Little Rock, Arkansas - Officer Tommy Norman comes to the same neighborhood after every shift with snacks and soda and chills with the kids who live here for at least an hour. Sometimes he brings a football and plays a few games. In the summer when its hot he bought Slip n Slide and water guns for the children and in the winter he bought coats and hoodies

Phoenix Police Officer Mark Valenzuela.j

Phoenix, Arizona -  This homeless man was loitering near a gas station one day, and someone called police. Officer Mark Valenzuela arrived, but instead of arresting the man or telling him to be on his way, Valenzuela noticed he didn't have any shoes and his feet red and raw. It turns out that the officer had a brand-new pair of shoes in the trunk. He knelt to put them on the homeless man's feet for him.